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Creative Production

This is why we exist, the sweet science of design. To create meaningful creative content, graphic design, illustrations, shoot film and capture images. While craft is our focus, functionality is paramount to a campaign’s success, implementing appropriate technology to reach audiences better.

What we do

Creative Strategy

While your brief may rest on a business desire, our agenda is to take your ‘brief’ and create a ‘creative brief’. This helps our creative team with a sense of direction, with references, ideas and even a thought starter. The creative brief is then shared with you to ensure we have started out on the right foot.

1. Target audience
Most campaigns come pre-vetted by a sample target audience before they are presented to you. So your approval can be influenced not by your taste but by what the market has to say of the ideas that are on the table.

2. Analyzing the right channels
Every campaign requires a different set of mediums. The ads itself are presented differently based on the medium. We assist with a media plan for the campaigns to make sure the right audience is reached in the most effective way. It’s a 360 degree approach, we work with a heady mix of online, outdoor, print and television.

Graphic Design

At Whoa Mama we live, breathe and sleep design. We use design to communicate the essence of your brand or simply deliver the right emotion across any medium that’s relevant to your brand.
We are not about to pull design out of a hat. We get strategically involved with your brand’s business desires and customize a creative solution that encompasses everything from your brand’s positioning, its character traits and communication as well as strategically considering the various mediums of its communication.

Film Production

Brand’s agenda, that’s how we approach the script. Our understanding of production and direction give us the edge when working with production houses right from the pre-production stages to deliver the final edit, grading and issuing graphics for the film.
We work with a variety of budgets for commercials and digital films. Our inhouse film division is highly equipped and involved in creating social media film content.


Brands and their campaigns demand originality. We work with visuals that's been curated to fit the brand’s personality. Our art directors conceptualize photo shoots, build moodboards, get involved with the set design, composition, and select and work with photographers to execute beautiful, thoughtful and powerful campaigns.


From the days of the screeching modem via the landline blocking every phone call, we have been connected. Designing websites, landing pages and understanding every piece of code has transcended our branding capabilities to the virtual world. With expertise in design, user experiences and online behavior, we deliver your brand with digital relevance for today’s connected world.
We have evolved our design capabilities over the years with the deep understanding of online user behavior. We create web and App interfaces that reflect the brand’s aesthetic, while constantly evolving the user experience of the website or app to create a perfect balance of design and function.

Our work