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Brand Strategy

Heard of motherly love? From the birth to month-on-month growth, we are your partner that’s involved with the image and upbringing of your brand.

What we do

Brand Creation

We have named so many brands, that we feel like godparents. Naming comes naturally to us, because we approach it from a visual and communication perspective.
We research the market, capture your thoughts and business agenda and work with your legal department to craft a name that’s based on the bigger agenda or path your brand will need to follow.
While the naming of your brand is left to the professionals, you still have an active part to play in it’s process, as you will always be the true parent to the brand.

Brand Identity

Your brand’s face is more than just a logo, it’s a story waiting to be told.It’s not just how a brand looks, it's the unique attitude it is remembered by.
We build visual identities with the values of yesterday, the relevance of today, and the flexibility of tomorrow. Brand Identities are first impressions and lasting ones right from your logo on a business card down to an email signature.
We create brand guidelines to preserve consistency of visual language. Through a set of rules pertaining to the logo usage, typography, colours and everything in between to maintain the identity. This is to assist any individual or agency that will represent the brand post its creation.

Insights & Positioning

We help you find your brand’s sweet spot in the market, so your brand can talk as uniquely as possible, creating a space and identity of its own.
After a close deep dive into the brand, the market, it’s founders, and the values they want their brand to deliver, we create human attributes, like tone of voice, personality, it’s do’s and don'ts. This guides your brand’s messaging and helps it connect with its audience. A brand with good positioning should instantly resonate with its audience within a matter of seconds.

1. User Profiling
As a standard practice,we profile your brand’s audiences, customers and users. It gives us the possibility to derive and address a customer's pain points. User profiling helps communication and strategy find its footing, keeping you constantly relevant in the customer’s eye.

2. Competitive Audit
We keep your enemies close, which means no positioning is complete without a clear understanding of the competitive landscape, in order to find your brand’s true differentiator.

Messaging & Narratives

Every brand needs to tell it’s own story, and every story is unique to its owners. We build this narrative into all the material your brand will apply inorder to communicate, like brochures, pamphlets, menus, documents, slideshows and even websites. As designers and creators, it's our ambition to see your brand into the world, visually empowered and speaking with consistency.

Brand Experiences

Every industry has its own way of creating experiences for it’s consumers and every brand needs to make them unique and tailored to it’s identity. We have helped brands tailor their experience right from environment design in murals and art installations, the use of technology through apps and User interfaces, to creating intellectual properties that the brand can own and boost their presence.

Campaign Development

When thinkers and designers vote functionality over awards, you have a well represented brand. With a constant eye on evolving audiences, we implement strategic based advertising solutions for all available mediums to have maximum reach and impact.

1. Traditional
Some stories need to be as memorable as possible and some just need to deliver your voice. We have helped brands communicate over Print, Outdoor, Television and Radio.

2. Digital Content Marketing
We work with brands keeping in line with their positioning, we build content and participate in conversations that’s relevant to them. Online, you get to tell a real story and it’s evident when people like it, we employ Blogs, Videos, and live reporting to make sure you tell yours, and it reaches the users that are waiting to consume your content.

3. Performance Marketing
Just like the name suggests, we make sure the content we create, the stories we tell and the message we want your brand to communicate reach the audiences as effectively as possible. We’re pioneers in Google display and search ads, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn marketing and remarketing.

Our work