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Westside’s NUON is a prominent fashion brand with fun, casual, clothing & accessories meant for youth and tween audiences. They approached us to cover the NUON x Chennai promotional shoot under the NUON x Spaces campaign. The aim of this project was to show off NUON’s trendy new line of autumn-winter clothing. We collaborated with them and identified young, talented individuals who best represent the spirit of the city. The campaign thought that we cracked for this launch was 'Move at your own pace’ to bring alive the ethos of a city that is neither frenzied and hurried nor totally laid back and chill.
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Ranjani Ramakrishnan, a 3D graphic designer and model, actively speaks up about the stigma attached to the skin condition vitiligo, which she has.

Sashank, a musician, skateboarder and surfer. Predominantly known as the bassist of the band The F16’s.

Dr. Josika Navukkarasu, a veterinarian from Besant Memorial Animal Dispensary, Adyar. She dabbles in creating vibrant, intricate paintings inspired by magical surrealism.

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