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Trishul Biotech is an innovative agricultural technology company that leverages in-depth expertise to develop solutions for the agricultural sector. For this branding project, the requirements included designing a brochure for the parent company (Trishul Biotech), and naming the seaweed product line, while designing the logo and packaging for the same.
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Keeping in mind the key aspect of ‘sustainability’ for their brand, a functional, and timeless design was synthesized for Trishul’s brochure and UpCrop’s product range packaging.

The company brochure contains infographics and iconography which helped simplify text that would normally be difficult to understand without relevant expertise. The wide range of design elements included: typography, infographics to iconography. We ensured a visually aesthetic manner of putting across weighty content, keeping in mind the brand voice. The challenge was to keep it visually appealing while explaining various technicalities regarding agricultural tech

The other half of this project saw us naming Trishul’s new line of seaweed biofertilizers. The USP of these products is that they boost crop & soil nutrition and overall crop yield. Thus, we came up with the name ‘UpCrop’ to reflect its purpose.
We also visually depicted the USP by designing the logo to possess an upward flow (indicating good crop growth & yield.)

Visual cues & textures as symbols were also presented in the packaging of UpCrop. Various textural patterns were used to imply the difference in consistency of the various products under UpCrop.