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Sundays is a newly opened, casual, fun and unconventional resto-bar in the city of Chennai.
Service: Complete Branding, Inclusive of Collaterals / 

The brief received from the client was to brand a resto-bar that is unconventional– in the sense, an atypical bar where there are no restrictions on the occasion, or how you’re dressed. The resto-bar was meant to be a casual place for friends to grab a drink from a list of interesting cocktails, alongside good food, thus acting as a catalyst for a great time with loved ones. Our branding followed this very premise.

The name ‘Sundays’ was chosen as it best encapsulated the laidback, easy-going and casual vibe of the place, while the tagline ‘The Everyday Getaway’ helped add the cozy, escapist nature of this quaint, inconspicuous bar.

The logo, colors, and design revolved around the fun, whimsical and colorful drinks served. The design included elegantly vibrant elements such as fruits, and illustrations of tropical landscape elements like palm trees on their merchandise and otherwise, which further helped accentuate the fun, tropical, relaxed feel of the resto-bar.