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Social media design for Professor KM Pathi’s Ethics 101

Professor K.M. Pathi approached us to give his subject Ethics 101, a new twist. With an idea to simplify the subject and its concepts by translating it through a visual language, his goal was to reach out to more Corporates and UPSC aspirants through his page. He wanted to make the subject more accessible, build curiosity amongst a wider audience and educate them on the subject as well.
Ethics 101 by KM Pathi
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We decided to use a play between dynamic, visually striking elements and crisp content to create an impact for Ethics 101. The content for each post was a simplified version of various ethical subjects, presented in a way that made the reader question, understand and engage with the topic. We used a mix of fonts, graphics and imagery across mediums like animation and static posts to create an eclectic visual language that was dynamic but still retained an overall common aesthetic. By doing this, we created a buzz around a complex topic like Ethics. Soon more and more people started following the page and engaging with our posts, sparking discussions and debates on the comment section of our social media channels. Eventually, the brand became a benchmark in graphic design among its followers and has attracted many potential clients to Whoa Mama Design as well.