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Brand identity for a digital pop-up re-commerce clothing brand.
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In the ever-evolving fast fashion cycle, surplus garments are often left behind, unused. Smukk aims to create a sustainable fashion ecosystem by remarketing surplus garments to give them a new life and spark a re-commerce revolution.

Designing their brand identity involved creating an edgy and playful portrayal of their ideology. “Smukk" means 'good looking’ and is built on the vision of making everyone look frame-worthy. This idea is echoed in the logo, a playful wordmark that transforms the two 'K's into a unique, overlapping frame – a nod to the idea of capturing and focusing on what truly matters: the clothes, the fits, and you.

Our visual language, enriched with 3D elements, was made to be an interactive, eye-catching feast. The packaging was designed to capture the bold and edgy Y2K aesthetic. From the logo to the stall designs, every graphic was meticulously crafted to captivate and enthrall viewers with the essence of Smukk.

From reimagining surplus garments to redefining visual narratives, Smukk emerges not just as a revolutionary clothing brand but as a statement — a bold, sustainable, and visually compelling testament to a new era in fashion..