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MISBU Branding & Brand Book

Landmark Xcite was a prominent fashion & lifestyle retail brand promoted by Tata Trent Ltd. that had a long association with Indian millennials.
MISBU Branding & Brand Book
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What was originally supposed to be branding for the makeup & accessories section of Xcite, was so well received that it turned into a rebranding exercise for the entire store. After several rounds of ideation, the identity of Misbu was born. Based on a feminine persona who is anything but the girl next door, the name Misbu conveyed a sense of excitement, vitality, youth and infectious energy.

The logo and visual identity for Misbu was inspired by the eclectic and ever-changing fashion sense of the new generation. Their youthful exuberance and zest for life led to a manifesto, key visuals, store branding, a brand book and more.

The packaging was inspired by simple, attractive doodle-like designs that helped communicate specific flavours and fragrant notes. It was made keeping in mind Misbu’s persona of vibrant and youthful charm, to appeal to the population of gen-zs– the brand’s primary consumer.

Misbu is now more than just a name – it’s a movement among young girls who embody the sense of bold audaciousness that the brand imbibes. Step into any Misbu store today across the country and you’ll see what we mean.