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Branding & launching a multi-service Web 3.0 communication platform. Mesmr, aims to provide communication solutions for Web 3.0 utilising blockchain, AI, AR, VR, NFT publishing, and other services.
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What started as a renaming and rebranding project won from a good rep, grew into a full-fledged naming, identity and website for Mesmr and its three main products. Our approach to branding this product was extensive from researching the Web 3.0 space to understanding the different services offered by Mesmr. While working on the branding, we kept the names catchy, short and unique-sounding keeping in mind the audience navigating Web 3.0. To create a story for our brand name, we visualised the brand as a realm of endless possibilities due to its decentralised nature on the web. Inspired by the enchantment and mystery of wonderland from ‘Alice in Wonderland’, we coined ‘Mesmr’ to replace ‘Will-o’. The name was chosen for the intriguing appeal it brought to the new brand.