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Ludic is a premium lifestyle brand with a focus on delivering high-quality, mindfully designed apparel and shoes suitable for every occasion.
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“Just like a steady oar navigates the currents of a meandering river.”
The cornerstone of Ludic's brand identity is the meticulously designed logo – the crossroads. Inspired by the intersection of unwavering will and spontaneity, this logo captures Ludic's essence perfectly. It reflects a personality always on the move, be it for adventure or the determination of work, aligning seamlessly with the brand's tagline, #AlwaysAtPlay. To truly give the identity that touch of sophistication, the logo includes the brand’s name in a bold, sans-serif font (Acumen pro-wide). Both elements are used independently too, however, for minimal branding.

Our team extended the brand's identity to packaging, ensuring a cohesive and premium brand experience. From shoe boxes to apparel envelopes, butter paper/wrapping paper, stickers, and thank you notes, every detail was considered. The packaging reflects Ludic's commitment to quality and attention to detail, enhancing the overall customer experience.

To introduce Ludic to the world, we conducted a comprehensive product launch shoot. This included lifestyle and e-commerce shots showcasing the versatility of Ludic's apparel and shoes. The images captured the essence of the brand, portraying Ludic as a fashionable, sophisticated, and playful lifestyle choice.

Our team was crucial in planning and executing Ludic's Instagram strategy, since its conception. From curating social media bios, to launching products alongside announcing sales. The creatives are designed with a minimal, sophisticated approach with brand elements thrown in on occasion to remind our audience to stay #AlwaysAtPlay.