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CRED | Instagram strategy

Instagram strategy and content for one of India’s biggest FinTech Unicorns.
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We devised a social media calendar with a variety of content buckets that focused on increasing audience engagement and growing the brand’s online presence. Apart from BAU content, we also focused on Instagram extensions for campaigns run by CRED, centered around new feature/product launches.

Experiential, lifestyle-centric rewards thoughtfully curated for CRED’s followers, with contests crafted to keep them engaged while testing their creativity.

One-liners that encapsulate
CRED’s take on finance, luxury, trust, and security packaged into
hyper-stylized photographs.

Illustrated reels that visualise contemporary universal sentiments.

Month in a GIF
Each month’s news from the world of tech, finance and pop culture summed up in a reel with a dash of CRED’s take on them.

Themed NYT-style crossword with unique clue constructs.