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Campai – Wallop Brewing Company

Campai (inspired by the Japanese word 'Kanpai' meaning 'cheers') is a family-owned brewery by a well-known Indian brewing company, Wallop Brewing Co. They hope to address the growing market for sophisticated, craft beer in India.
Campai - Wallop Brewing Company
Branding & Packaging design / 

Wallop approached us to brand their new Indian Witbier: Campai. The was to be conscious, passionate, cheerful(given the meaning of the name), experimental, and true to the brand’s roots.

Our task was to create the brand story, design the logo, labels for the two variants, carton design, brand signage, brand guidelines, brand merchandise, and other collateral.

We also contributed to the launch campaign by designing static posts for their social media handle.

Our design was inspired by their motto of, 'Cheer always wins.'
It included custom illustrations of the very animals whose tale inspired our brand story:
Yami the snake and Chikara the mongoose.
The packaging design was rustic and inspired by the traditional beer bottle and label.
As this is a beer for those who love beer, we didn't want to deprive them of the nostalgia of drinking beer the original way: from your regular pint.