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Broadway Mall

Brand design for a premier mall in Coimbatore, with South India’s first 9-screen cinema with IMAX Laser.
Broadway Megaplex
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We crafted the mall’s identity in congruence with its art deco-inspired architecture, further extending this visual language to its in-house cinema, hotel and bar’s identity.

We infused the space’s art deco influence into the identity in the form of geometric and lavish patterns which extend into the signage and wayfinding. Functionality and simplicity were key, considering the large footfall the mall is set to receive.

Broadway Cinemas’ identity is an evolution of the mall’s identity. Being the mall's flagship attraction, the identity was developed to elevate the space and help the multiplex stand out from the crowd. We also named and designed the identity for the theatre’s live kitchen, ‘Intermissions’, along with a digital menu for customers to order from.

Housed within the mall, The Magnus is a world-class hotel, for which the name and identity were conceptualised to reflect the grandeur and magnanimity of the place. A mix of cursive with sharp-edged lettering, and a sense of balance are hallmarks of the hotel’s identity.

The Crimson is a luxury bar themed around the idea of The Twilight Zone. The colour, typography, and graphic elements revolve around rays of light, and the rising and setting of the sun, tastefully bringing forth the space’s opulence.

Broadway was inaugurated on the 24th of April and opened to the public on the 28th. Our designs were also found in the form of banners and boards during its launch, giving the brand a distinct appeal.