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Arvino is a high-fashion, designer jewellery brand that focuses on certified-sustainable, gold-plated jewellery options with unique designs meant to capture the modern wearer’s spirit.
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The first step in this journey was understanding Arvino as a brand. Assessing the brand personality archetypes, we chalked Arvino’s down to ‘excitement’ with a hint of ‘sophistication’, with ‘daring’, ‘passionate’, and ‘charming’ as the tones of voice. This helped define the brand’s personality: how it should look, sound, and act.

Market research, client calls and plenty of brainstorming later, we distilled our intel on the brand into a concise positioning statement.

“Unique jewellery made for every person, every lifestyle & every day.”

The identity was developed to include collateral designs for the packaging, store signage, store interiors, social media creative templates and the favicon. Upon narrowing down on the brand colour during identity, the Arvino ‘Blood Orange,’ the design language followed suit for a seamless omnichannel brand extension.

The collateral design was strategized based on recurring design trends among prominent luxury jewellery brands, and seeing how we could best stand out and communicate our cause, while still resonating with our audience.