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A toddler thing

Redesigning brand identity, packaging, and website for a toddler essentials brand.
A toddler thing
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The task was to rebrand the Coimbatore-based brand- A Toddler Thing and position it as a sustainable baby essentials brand. The goal was to help them transition from an online brand to a retail store and expand their digital market presence.

Through research and a series of strategic sessions, we understood the brand’s ideology, short-term and long-term goals, and existing identity, to redefine it. This process laid the foundation to define their brand positioning statement with a creative tagline “Little things matter.“

An integral part of the identity process was creating the brand mascot. Aru, the bird, was conceptualised to personalise the brand communication. It helps the brand express its thoughts, and ideologies and promotes sustainability amongst parents. Inspired by nature, the visual language of the brand was centred on crafting a world for Aru that toddlers could relate to.

We collaborated with Out of the Box to design the packaging for A Toddler Thing. The design is inspired by the “A bird's life" theme and features innovative shapes. The packaging was created to be both functional and appealing. It ensures efficiency and visual engagement in stores.

We added a touch of fun and pop to their website by providing elements and templates that match their visual language to further expand their website.

Creating a distinctive brand identity with a concept-driven approach was crucial for A Toddler Thing to differentiate itself from competitors. Our main goal in this project was to craft an identity that not only promotes the brand but also initiates meaningful conversations among its audience. This goes beyond typical product marketing, embodying the brand's ideology and strongly resonating with its essence and purpose.