A Decade of Design

This is the humble story of Whoa Mama Design. We literally started in the dust, well… you’ll see.

Chapter 1.

The Motorcycle & The Guitar

It was mid 2007. The clouds were seductive, work demanded to be ditched. The tall one had a thing for plucking a guitar by the sea, the other had a motorcycle built for two. All they wanted was the moment, and the moment craved masala fried fish. Unexpectedly, they had embarked on an adventure that would roll into decades.

Chapter 2.

Matters of the Spliff.

Enticed by the bay, our heroes lit one for the road. The hunger hit them once again, this time on the east coast road. It was there that they found this voluptuous burger called “The Whoa Mama!” The kind that could send you into cardiac arrest. To our wandering duo, this sounded exactly like good sex.

Chapter 3.

Imploding & Exploding

The burgasm took its course. Creative shit was ready to hit the fan. They took their thoughts to the beach. The tall one played a tune, the other drew furiously in the sand. And just like that, there was newfound meaning. The duo would make their own history. The tall one and the other had forged an identity in the sands of  the coast.


Chapter 4.

The Early Years

(2005 – 2007)


Rum is like celebratory stuff, they use it in cake sometimes, it must be good for you.

Slow days called for hitting the coast. Youth ushered in this carefree air about them.

You must hunt when you’re hungry, eat only what you have hunted.

This was an almost religious routine that nurtured their bond with the beach.

Noteworthy Brands :  Ashok Leyland / Nalli Silks / Bell Pins / OKJ / Happy Belly Bakes

Chapter 5.

Compose Thyself.

(2008 – 2011)


Design is fun provided you lose all inhibitions and run like the devil. And run, they did. Singing songs along the way too.

But there was always something missing, a constant questioning of character. The madness cried out for new methods.

The answer to their quest was a simple switch of poison. The time of the wild pirate had passed, the days that followed would be made by wild gentlemen.


Noteworthy Brands :  Unmetric / Y Not Films / Madras Cafe / Southscope Magazine/ TGIT/ EC41


Lambs To Slaughter

(2011 – 2014)


It’s not that bad, really. Finding the one and taking the leap, we mean. In fact, it’s highly recommended for whiskey drinkers. Focus finds a new meaning. They graduated from sheep to work horses. You know it’s coming for you when your hear whispers in your head saying, ”Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”

Noteworthy Brands :  Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music / K7 Antivirus / New Town / Illusions/ Brew Room


Who’s your Daddy?

(2014 – 2016)


With a great lack of sleep comes a greater responsibility. Our heroes continue to do battle under the pressures of daddy-hood.

The tall one and the other had been brutally forced out of their creative comfort zone over the last decade. You know, how mangoes are forced to ripen, buried under the  weight of rice.

They had continually spread their vibe. It wasn’t long before significant others joined the fold. Each of them were packed with their own fat story tale.

The tribe seemed self-sufficient now. They could breathe and think in the quiet. The calm reminded them of the coast once more. The tall one grabbed his guitar yet again, the other frantically searched for his keys.

Noteworthy Brands :  Flipkart / TI Cycles / LIMA / Palam Silks / Plintron / Westminster Healthcare / Intellect / Pokernation


Special thanks to the guitar, the motorcycle and the beach,

without the three of you, there would be no Whoa Mama.

About Whoa Mama Design:

We are a multidisciplinary design studio that specialises in branding & identity. Breeding a diverse culture of artists, craftsmen, photographers, illustrators, film-makers, cultivators, art directors, writers, motorcyclists, and musicians, we are the jacks of every trade and collectively a powerhouse of design & strategy.

Visit www.whoamamadesign.com to see our work.