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Hip Bar
After hearing many drunk ideas on building your own bar on your phone, these guys are actually doing it. We were very lucky to have branded their service, and their communication to help them kick start their operations. While the app launched in February 2017 and is still in it’s beta phase, it’s already rolled in over 20,000 downloads.
The team at WMD are a bunch of refreshing minds who have the pulse of what's going on, and have the ability to deal with difficult terrains. They are natural navigators in the search for communication that hits the spot. Add to that, a refined sense of style, and purposeful design, a welcome combination that makes them who they are. They have the heart of a big agency, and the nimbleness of a solo freelancer. We had a wonderful time working with them, and their inputs have enriched HipBar, both as a brand and as a business.
Founder, Hip Bar
Prasanna Natarajan