Royal Enfield Bullet
This was bound to happen sooner or later, considering we’re obsessed with our motorcycles. The Chug, as a brand name suggests duality – the sound of the Enfield engine and the race to the bottom of the beer glass. As motorcyclists and artists, we geared up to pay tribute to the original Indian thumper. ROYAL ENFIELD!

For a taste of the experience, watch the video below.

Our Creative Director, Shaun D’sa explains, “The design process kickstarted with a heavy thump. We started by listing components of the motorcycle that we would otherwise rave about.

These ideas soon translated into rough sketches and a phase-wise plan of execution. Our understanding of vintage motorcycling culture and the mechanics of the Royal Enfield would play a pivotal role in streamlining the design process.”

“It took us over a month of scouting three locations and finding sellers to get our work done. We began our trips to the Pudupet market to source original and real motorcycles, but the parts we set out to find only got more scarce. Once, we found every original part, we created a rough board to work out the bike’s composition and balance out the Enfield elements.

However, we knew we had to do more than just assembling them. The trips to Pudupet market evolved to trips to Red Hills, where we sliced the entire composition of an Enfield into half.” says our Art Director, Ashwin Mohan.

The art of The Chug inspires a feeling of the outer worldliness that you experience while riding. Using real motorbike parts such as the carburettor and piston. Tiny details in the art present themselves the more you look at it. Some of us added sentiment by donating a lot of our own motorcycle parts towards the art.

Just so we’re clear, it broke our hearts knowing we were cutting through original parts, including a 500cc engine case. But, the sheer joy of being there and watching the process of the bike split is incomprehensive.


At the end of this routine, began our time for the final assembling. We aligned these parts along a defined grid and sprayed it with a custom paint that was part of the brands Pantone shade to portray the raw beauty of a motorcycle.

Everything at The Chug, from the logo to the extended visual identity, is historically as well as aesthetically inspired by the iconic Royal Enfield Bullet.

It’s usually bittersweet when the ride is over. We’d say that we did justice to this project but we recommend that you head over to The Chug – Garage Bar and see for yourself.

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