Palam Silks is a chain of stores that specialise in selling Kanchivaram silk sarees of both the traditional and the fashionable styles that are sure to catch your eye. As one of Whoa Mama’s clients they came to us with their next collection of combining music and sarees. We were asked to make it a reality and market the collection.


As a tribute to the margazhi performers we had to put forth a new collection, combining music and silk as well as marketing this new collection.


Create a collection that captured the soul of music, and promote said collection.


Using the expert skills of Dr. Sriram we were able to pick out five ragas that was digitized and woven into sarees, creating the ‘Concert Collection’.


We designed the tonality, look and feel of the collection. This includes the graphics, mnemonics and messaging.


To spread awareness of collection the ‘find your raga’ movement online to relate their personality to a specific raga.

Find you raga:
This movement was created in order inform the lay public about the significance of the task we set out to do. We created a microsite, ‘findyourraga.com’, which would test one’s personality and assign a raga that would most suit them. This brought about an interest in knowing just what raga’s were and the symbolism for each saree in the Concert Collection.


We took several avenues to market the collection.

1) Concert collection Behind the Scenes video:
A video that depicted the process by which the saress were made.

2) Palam’s online store:
We put up the collection online and also did posts on their Facebook page advertising their launch.

3) Online advertisements:
Ad’s for Facebook and Google were made.

Press release:
A press release at The Folly, Amethyst, was arranged with interactive screens.

Exhibition Design:
At Saarang 2017 Palam Silks put up a stall

Radio Ads:
We once more called upon Dr. Sriram’s talents, in creating five unique tunes that we aired on radio.

Youtube Bumper Ads:
We took the advertisements running on TV and put them up on Palam’s Youtube channel, running a campaign around them.

Cinema slides:
We designed slides to be used in cinemas.

A catalog of the Concert Collection was designed and released to the public.

In-store branding:
A section of the store was cleared out for a display. In it we put in several instruments and plaques describing what had been done to create the collection.


The end result was a successful collection being launched. We achieved good brand recognition and widespread understanding of just what the collection stood for.