You can divide the world into two types of people at a very young age. If you were like me, you‘d be one of those kids who always carried a ruler and double underlined headers on their answer sheets or you’d be one of those that live life of the edge and just wing it.

Work commissioned for Whoa Mama

Having an eye for detail, isn’t a quality I woke up with one morning; It’s always been a part of who I am. Over time, the objects of focus have evolved. Some may see the world as a story, some an animated movie. For me I don’t see a big picture. I see little things that make up my world. A world where a spoon of coffee is the difference between a good chocolate cake and a great one. A world where an illustration of an eye is incomplete without a white spot reflecting the light.

Here’s a little example of how a variety of stories work together to make the artwork come alive.

Work commissioned for SIP Academy India

I have to point out though, it’s not always a blessing. Yes, your work may look great, lines may be neat, chocolate truffles perfectly coated, but there will always be something more you can do. Moreover you may miss more than one deadline. The inevitable question then arises, will you ever be satisfied? Probably not. However, you will push yourself to be better version of you, every single day.

On the other hand these little things goes beyond work. Stop for a second and listen to everything around you and
see if you can dissect the sounds. When you wake up in the morning, can you hear the birds, the sound of the fan, the
kettle whistling or all of it as one? Is that what makes your morning special?

Similarly I look for these in people. Have you ever noticed someone biting their jaws when they’re annoyed? Or the brightest smile when you do something right? It’s simply about learning and making everything lighter for you, and everyone around you. Once you begin to do this, it becomes a part of you. It’s not a lamp switch, you choose to turn off and on. It doesn’t disappear when you shutdown your computer, close your sketchbook or even clean the kitchen. It follows you to happy hour and you take it with you to bed.

Yet, I’m sure of one thing, it makes you, you.